Gate Theatre Ventilation Works

The Gate Theatre is a protected structure and a landmark Dublin building within the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital.

This project involved a services installation to provide ventilation to the theatre auditorium. A new AHU was positioned on an inner roof to supply air to a newly created plenum under the theatre floor. The plenum was created by sealing three distinct void spaces below the floor. The auditorium floor was cut beneath the seats to discreetly fit new grilles and allow a gentle air flow from the plenum below. 

The duct route was complex and travelled through very tight spaces above the Rotunda's highly decorative Pillar Room and below the auditorium. Works took place in and around the public spaaces and the theatre remained operational. A one week closure was required to facilitate structural interventions for the duct route. 

Project Features

The programme of works was restricted allowing only a one week closure of the theatre. Works were ongoing around rehearsals, live shows and regular building usage. 

  • Location
    Dublin 1
  • Architect
    Scott Tallon Walker Architects
  • Client
    Gate Theatre
  • Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
    Peter Curtin & Company
  • Completion date
    June 2014