Newman University Church

Newman University Church is a well-known city centre landmark and Protected Structure on St. Stephen's Green. The church, dating from the 1860's required upgrade works including new underfloor heating, new lighting and various repairs and alterations. 

Two new 3m diameter coronas were hung from winches installed in the attic space to provide new lighting features. 

The clay floor tiles were lifted and cleaned. The floor was excavated to facilitate the underfloor heating system. The salvaged floor tiles were re-used and replacement clay tiles were sourced by Lissadell from yards in the UK. The excavation of the floor and new floor construction was extremely difficult given the city centre location on a busy thoroghfare. Transportation of materials had to be undertaken via the front door onto St. Stephen's Green.

New and refurbished joinery was installed with universal access ironmongery. A new disabled access platform lift was installed in the front foyer. 

Protection of existing features was a significant issue during the project, in particular where heavy plant was used in the excavation of the floors. Marble-clad walls were protected, marble altars, pulpits and also the numerous columns were all similarly treated during the works. 



Access and storage were challenges in this site location where little space is available around the church as it opens directly onto one of the city's central streets. 

The programme of works was extremely tight. The church was closed between New Year and Easter and had to be handed back by the end of March to facilitate a number of scheduled weddings. 

Existing radiators were hung on brackets through the marble-clad walls. The origin of the marble was from all corners of Ireland and these repairs had to blend in with specially sourced red, green, black and brown marble from each of the four Povinces. 

  • Location
    St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2
  • Architect
    Paul Arnold Architects
  • Client
    Dublin Diocese
  • Engineers
    Barrett Mahoney Consulting Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
    Brendan Merry & Partners
  • Completion date
    March 2012