Prospect Hill, Block 9

Prospect Hill is a scheme of apartments and townhouses that was originally completed circa 2007. Block 9, a group of 28 units, was never occupied and had degraded through age, vandalism and water damage. 

The units, two-bed apartments beneath three-bed duplex townhouses, required upgrades to their mechanical and electrical installations, fire proofing upgrades, new doors, tiling, replacement kitchens and wardrobes, floor finishes and decorations. External landscaping, tiling and finishing works to a car park and access road were also part of the project. Replacement glazing was required throughout while a furniture fit-out was carried out in parallel with the works. Additional firestopping requirements arose during the course of the works and were incorporated into the project. The units were brought to habitable standards and taken over and occupied by tenants of a social housing organisation. 



This project was carried out for a receiver and originated through NAMA. 

A tight three-month timeframe was demanded for the works. 

  • Location
    Prospect Hill, Finglas, Dublin 11
  • Architect
    Reddy Architecture and Urbanism
  • Client
  • Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
    Davis Langdon
  • Completion date
    April 2013